No More Sad Dreams

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“For Lona Records Phon Noir focuses on the more experimental side of his work, putting together previously unreleased older material and tracks recorded in the course of 2007. Whereas usually phon°noir tracks include sketched lyrics and mantra-like vocal patterns, these 4 tracks have all been left instrumental to match the philosophy of the 3” series and highlight a less well-known facet of phon°noir’s work. “Embryo” is a remix of a recent live-favourite in the phonofix stage sessions. “From time to time we change our minds” has been around for a long time, being a left-over from the very first recording sessions in winter 2004 – just like “No more sad dreams”, which now lends its name to the entire release. “Airplane traces in the sky” is a new track, recorded in just one night, with the piano of a friend. Its more elaborated structure in the arrangement and the beats functions as the bridge between this release on Lona Records and the more song-orientated album work phon°noir has done for Quatermass.”
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