Maggots / Maskar

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Swedish frequency war-lord, Carl Michael von Hausswolff has nearly worked over 20 years in This border situations that occur in daily life and music experience. He blurs the boundaries between traditional classifications using radios, movement detectors, telephones, surveillance cameras, sonar technology and other appliances from the arsenal of equipment that can be procured by certain (vetted) persons. Interferences, interruptions and interdependences are various ways of altering conditions. Beside, CM von Hausswolff with Leif Elgren is co-founder of the self proclaimed „The Kingdoms of of Elgaland-Vargaland“ (KREV) that were found on 27th may 1992. They encompass all areas of no-mans land, territories between national boundaries on both land and sea, digital and mental spaces. Ownn national anthems, passports, flags, coats of arms and ministers was produced and set up.
Note: Second conceptual album in a series exclusive for Laton
Attention: Contains original bag of thai maggots