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“The project Mimesys was born from the common interest of the two musicians Michele Spanghero (double-bass) and Ugo Boscain (contrabass clarinet) for the low pitched and unusual sounds. The Mimesys Duo is mainly concerned with improvised music, using a language within classical contemporary music and european jazz. Great importance is given to the timbre experimentation and to the uncommon sonorities produced by the instruments through the use of extended techniques. The sounds are convulsively brought to a musical and emotional mimetic absorption (therefore the name Mimesys for the duo).
On december 2006 was released their first album for the independent label dedalus records. The record is the outcome of five months of recording sessions and contains a chronological selection of improvisations realized at the International School for Advanced Studies in Triest.
On July 2008 the second album has been released for dedalus records. Mimesys – Live Recordings contains two live performances from Stazione di Topolò festival 2007 and from the International School for Advanced Studies’ multi leve car park, a recording where the resonance of the acoustic sounds filled the empty space of the parking lot.”