I’m Dead And I’m In Feldman’s Heaven

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“Jaka Berger’s highly personal take – is there any other way to experience the music of Feldman? – is to stress the “other-wordly” and “non-earthly” dimensions of it, and how he finds that listening to Feldman never fails to transport him to this “place full of calm and serenity”. Now, in music and sound, he attempts to describe what this place is like. This is a good thing to be doing. Despite the piano dominating this work, it’s not explicitly intended to be a pastiche or copy of Feldman (many of whose most famous and important works are indeed scored for that instrument), but rather serves as a framework, into which Berger can gradually unpack and unfold his ideas. One of them is silence, for sure; he uses silence in this composition in a very imaginative and effective manner (more so, dare I say it than the highly contrived and stern silences we often get from the Wandelweiser composers). Another element is the electronic music, subdued tones and trills dotted around the space from Berger’s modular synth. Plus of course, the eerie plucking sounds from the prepared snare. Everything is just so, positioned perfectly in this imaginary space which the musicians succeed very well in creating; yet it doesn’t feel pre-programmed, or artificial, each element exists or is created in an extremely intuitive manner.”

Drum, Strings, Synthesizer – Jaka Berger
Piano – Dejan Berden

Composition by Jaka Berger

Dedicated to the life and work of Morton Feldman.

1. I’m Dead And I’m In Feldman’s Heaven 1:03:48