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The first eM release as well as the first Foundry CD. This was released in a cardboard jacket sealed with a sticker.

eM is one of the names under which Michael Bentley records music. As eM Bentley has releases on The Foundry, Fällt, SLAPART, No Type and .tiln.

This is the first proper Foundry audio release, a full length album following on from a few homemade cassette tapes. I recorded this over a month of late nights in early 1997. I was experimenting with a variety of dismantled electronics gear to produce sounds and using a fairly primitive 4-track cassette recorder to capture the results. I have vivid memories of how excited I was as the tracks came together, playing at clipping bits of wire to the insides of a transistor radio, running feedback loops from toy microphones through analogue effects – basically throwing in anything that produced an interesting sound. The result is pretty abstract, I grant you, but takes the listener on a truly unique sonic journey. – Michael Bentley