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Dark industrial in the style of Lustmord.
Cathepsin, is an organic compound stored in our bodies for our death. It serves to breakdown our cells and tissues for the bodies
return to the earth’s organic matrix. From birth to closure we are carriers of its inert state.
The recordings of Cathepsin are inspired by the deconstruction of organic matter. The works are based on complex modulation schemes that deconstruct themselves into textural forms writhing and decaying as if they are being reduced to carbon ash.
The modulation schemes used include: Intermodulation, which is multiple laying of ring modulation schemes and free running feedback hubs. The concept of Intermodulation was first described by Karlheinz Stockhausen in his work, “Telemusik”. Cathepsin was realized and recorded at the Laboratory of Hearing by, Marc McNulty. Cathepsin, was released on CD by Isomorphic Records, Washington, United States.