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“ASS is a handsomely-printed collection of Ryohei Noguchi’s colour and black-and-white photographs, in which the artist imbues everyday scenarios with a mystical quality by shooting them from unexpected angles and illuminating them with bursts of light from the camera’s flash. Part of a photozine and mix CD split, ASS is accompanied by the music of destr∞y a.k.a. dubdub. Although the translation is probably a bit rough, the publisher describes dubdub’s CD as “exhausted as it is with be driven in to the whirlpool of the sense, sounds like piiiiikaaaaannpakkaaaa—-nnnnn that put a bullet through someone’s brain.””

“Stimulate from eyes to ears!! Photo Zine & Mix CD Split Work from UNIVERSAL MARGINAL! DESTR∞Y A.K.A. DUBDUB (IKANI/UNIVERSAL MARGINAL/MANX… etc) is a highly doped and acidic mix that involves noise, house, and psychedelic! You will be blown away by the explosion of sound. A dangerous person who owns his own sound system and does the headline of the D.I.Y party “Ikanani” held in various places, the sewage treatment plant (!?), and the RAW LIFE guerrilla rush soundtrack!

On the other hand, Ryohei Noguchi of the zine side has a high support from musicians / DJs, and his visual sense has been further polished by the fact that he went to India alone for half a year, and it exploded in this 1st photo zine “ASS”. The many photographs that cut out various scenes give the impression that “light” has a great meaning in both light and darkness, and the psychedelic world spreads out in the natural body! I was excited to see an ECD T-shirt designed by HCD Kosaka in one of them. A4 size, 64 pages, colour!

“At 8 a.m. at Koenji Grassroots, I talked to Noguchi for the first time, and he was surprised when he suddenly told me that the speed at which we turned the pages was like the BPM of dance music. Living in the city of Tokyo, he captures the rhythm of it, copies it, and connects people. What kind of dance is born in the groove of his photographs? The natural light reflected off the mirror balls and purified the air on the floor. New Year’s Day 2009

“I can’t get enough of it: Celebrating Noguchi’s photo book” I don’t think anyone wants to hear how I’m feeling, but in this world, it’s useless. There’s something cool. If you only like cool things, it’s easy to understand with first-class, high-so, celebrity, and winning kanji, but comatta, I also like bad things. What’s wrong with that? Noguchi and I are on the edge of a photo showcase called THE EXPOSED, and I like the grass that sticks to his drunken legs, and I look at this photo book many times. This world is unbearable. Even if you pretend you understand, you don’t know. Even if it’s cool, it will quickly spoil and get better again. What the hell is that? Such a voice can be heard from every photo. Noguchi’s photographs are light, but they are a pursuit of the world’s incompetence. I’ll tell you irresponsibly that you’re like Dazai.'”