Aquarian Drum Song

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Björn Lücker – Drums, Cymbals, Tympani, Percussion, Piano

Recorded at Vagnsson Studios, Hamburg, by Hrólfur Vagnsson

Part One – Tracks 1 – 4

Part Two – Tracks 5 – 8

Part Three – Tracks 9 – 15

Björn Lücker’s three part Aquarian Drum Song is a fascinating and understated journey through the elements of drums, percussion, cymbals, tympani and piano.


Between the “Prologue In Light Blue” and the “Epilogue In Dark Blue” from the three- part drum suite Lücker feels the pulse of the “Sea Of Sound”, dances with the waves and encounters the “Sandman”, “David” and “Goliath”. This is the drummer not as a target but much more a painter of seascapes and wave sounds, in which tympani pulsate and cymbals shimmer and swoosh or hold their breath. Alongside this there are visions such as Panic’s Yellow Toad. Hmmm…aaah…

Rigobert Dittmann (Bad Alchemy)