New Heroes Essentials

Artist: Thorofon
Format: CD
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“”New Heroes” was the third and last album by Thorofon’s first incarnation. Released as a double LP by United Manipulation Broadcasting in 2005, it was the third part of the Circle of Power Trilogy. After its release Thorofon ceased to exist. (Later, Thorofon came back in 2011 with the album “Exkarnation”). A little less rough than its predecessors, Thorofon introduced danceable rhythms on this LP that includes classics such as “Gigamesh” and “Spermicide”. A certain pop feel is added to the harsh rhythms, also vocals by Genevieve Pasquier. For this re-issue, the band have chosen the best tracks from the double album, feeling that it was a little too long on first release. As with the previous CDs, rare bonus tracks have been added in their place. The final step in our Thorofon re-issue programme and again a must-have for everyone interested in classic Industrial sound.