Nuisance Beacon

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Nuisance Beacon was a project of Marcelo Oyarzún Cavallari’s in the late 1990s to 2000.

“Behind the moniker Nuisance Beacon hides a Californian sound artist, Marcelo Oyarzún Cavallari. This eponymous CD is his first release. It presents over 70 minutes of dense noise constructions dominated by the sonic imagery of machinery. The regular industrial pulse of metal and steam provides the album’s backbone. Drones, hisses, and siren-like sounds punctuate the work, built like a five-part suite. Rhythmical cycles and effects cycles (flanger filters, reverb, etc.) grind one against the other, giving the harsh textures a quasi-mathematical feel. Pleasant this is not, but the music shows artistry in the making and a certain elegance. Nuisance Beacon is not about releasing anger into noise: it is more planned, calculated, inexorable. Behind the obvious chugging and clanging of the foreground, small changes take place, although they may not always be sufficient to justify the length of the pieces (“Third Cycle,” in particular). “Second Cycle” features “participation and interlude” by Vertonen — a contribution that’s hard to pinpoint. The closing “Fifth Cycle” offers more diversity in sounds and rhythm, as it shifts gears a couple of times. The rewards of this album don’t quite balance out the effort it demands from the listener.”