L’Incandescence De L’Étoile

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“..the universe is breaking down, it seems. Forces choose the darkness, then road-scrapes condense, luminous seed, finally. I saw my head rotting in the furnace of the hives. My mouth stirring, all alone. Animals, sharp-edged, came at once, screeching continuously, to vomit my wealthy flesh (saliva, acids, tiny minerals, mud and gas…), enjoying the accelerated decay of this old body.
Today the moment of my death whirls. My life, now a garden, neither relates to me nor does it afflict me.
When I puff, I puff. When I piss, I piss. I am the height of insects, that which butine, that which return honey for free, wild, alive…
“L’incandescence de l’etoile” is a Musique Concrète piece based on the everlasting universal (re)cycle. It is it’s own modulator, oscillating at immense speed, almost standing still. The composer has interpretated and given an auditive representation of these cosmic forces, melted together in a solid musical gesture , perpetuated on a little disc. Captured time, but where to next?
“L’incandescence de l’étoile” is a great example of the fine craftmanship of Marchetti; it’s been composed up to it’s most delicate detail, with a great feeling for suspense and time-elapse. As any process, the piece travels through several stages, to end up at it’s beginning again …are those crickets?”

Limited edition of 500 copies.