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Niko Skorpio (born 1974 in Finland, original name Niko Sirkiä) is a visual artist and electronic musician. He began with extreme metal in 1990 but soon moved on to experimental electronic music. He has released several solo albums and other recordings, primarily on his own label Some Place Else which he established in 1997. He has formed and participated in several music groups and projects, Thergothon (1990-1993), This Empty Flow (1994-1996), Rajapinta (2001-), Haeretici 7o74 (2004-) and Metaorganism (2007-) to name a few.

Sound and visuals, as well as conceptual designs, are of equal importance in Niko Skorpio’s work. Even his earliest band demo recordings were always presented with his artwork, designs, lyrics and themes. This practice has continued without exception throughout his music projects and releases, expanding to video and multimedia.