Full Moon Theory

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““Big Beats Big Times” is an ever-evolving project, revolving around the Istanbul based drummer Berke Can Ozcan (123, Marika), derived from his wish to collaborate with more artists in his field. Özcan asked other drummers who had accompanied and inspired him during his career to record drum tracks, which would go on to serve as a basis for a very unconventional and poignant album.

“Full Moon Theory” is a culmination of a three-year creative process, showcasing the results of meticulous hard work invested by Özcan and cocomposer Burak Irmak. The atmospheric density of their work spans eight complex arrangements, oscillating between hypnotic Dub, well tempered Trip-Hop and gloomy Electronica. With its extensive half-life period, this album requires the listeners to fully immerse themselves within it, in order to conceive its entire emotional spectrum. With idyllic soundscapes and endearing melody grids, as well as dramatic moments, Özcan masters the balancing act between kitsch and epic, with an ease that can only be reciprocated with goose bumps. “Full Moon Theory” is the carefully directed coquetry between stadium and warehouse, floodlight and candlelight, and courageous gestures and tender romance.

The compositional brilliance and musical quality of “Full Moon Theory” is as distinguished and notable as the list of drummers and guest musicians featuring on the piece. These include: Kenny Wollesen (John Zorn), Erland Dahlen (Nils Petter-Molvær), Steve Nistor (Brian Blade’s Mama Rosa Band), Blair Sinta (Alanis Morrissette), Jack Irons (Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chilli Peppers), Craig “Santi” Santiago Official Fanpage (New Zion Tio), Arto Tunçboyacıyan (Armenian Navy Band) and many more.

The albums name is derived from the fact that Özcan and Irmak often worked on it during nights when the moon was full. “Full Moon Theory” was originally released in 2015 on Berke Can Özcans imprint “Who Are We Who We Are”, and will be distributed on vinyl by the Berlin label “bohemian drips” from August 6th 2016.

“The Full Moon Theory” was originally released on “Who Are We Who We Are”.”

A1. You Don’t See Me (feat. Blair Sinta & Gunnar Halle) 4:16
A2. Not Mine (feat. Jack Irons & Lara Di Lara) 4:34
A3. Black Dub (feat. Graig Santiago) 7:12
A4. So Quiet (feat. Kenny Wollesen) 3:16
B1. Buddha At Nightfall (feat. Steve Nistor) 3:19
B2. Maya (feat. Arto Tunçboyacıyan) 3:32
B3. Writer’s Block (feat. John J. Holden) 5:00
B4. The Man With The Bell (feat. Erland Dahlen) 5:11