Stains And Scribbles

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Rhythmic electronic music with influences of Cabaret Voltaire.

“Analogous to artwork and duplication, the main work equipment is also used in composing, at least as far as Abstract Q aka Valerio Zucca Paul is concerned. The basis of all tracks on “Stains And Scribbles” is a mostly somewhat overdriven mid-tempo computer beat, so that the drawer Ambient Techno lends itself to classification. Above it was built a multi-layered structure of harmonies, floating sounds, further percussion and noise sprinkles. The mood of the pieces varies from chilling to danceable. Track 1 “Inner View” is more reminiscent of eso-ethereal department store music. However, the “voices of the wind” are superimposed by disturbing noises reminiscent of electrical discharges, so that the Rossmann customer would rather (negatively) get excited. Track 5 “Emulsion” points in a completely different direction. Here, reverberant beats and flat noises dominate. Very reduced to the rhythm, “Brain Activity Amplifier” presents itself only to drift back into the widescreen cinema in the end. “Polymorph” is colourful and weird, marching tightly towards Drum’n’Bass. To cut a long story short: Abstract Q deliver varied electronic entertainment music that can be listened to both casually and attentively, although I tend towards the former. In contrast to some of his colleagues, Paul avoids the mistake of under-challenging the listener with the thousandth reproduction of known processes and creates his own sound world.”