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“2004: DJ Olive drops his first solo full length, “Bodega”, a fast paced continuous mix of 17 ass shaking tracks that sound like they were scraped off old funk and dub 7″‘s. This is a new gritty sound best described as hanging out behind a Brooklyn bodega with drums, horns, dancehall rhythms, and passing jeep bass while folks woop and holler. “Bodega” is an example of Olive’s beat writing skills, both funky and filthy but never cliché or easily definable. We could say dub, dancehall, roof music, downtempo, latin funk, and breakbeat, but we would still only be dancing around the highly original sound of these sneaky booty rhythms. Unlike most continuous mix records, “Bodega” is the sound of a dj wildly mixing it up while never losing the groove.”