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“Rotorvator is an entity close to a mystical, occult-inspired vision of music expressed by loud, raw and deliberately offensive sounds. 
It mess up classic black metal and other noise/industrial basics, constantly inspired by wildness of nature, bitter cold climate, human beliefs and stuff like that.
Rotorvator Ep is the first insane effort of these outminded half humans, a  mixture of  lacerated larynges’ glossolalia, eruptions of guitar’s haemorrhage and headbanging furious electronic manipulation, three songs from a debording noise cloaca which range  from martial rhythm cadenza to convulsive acceleration, from quiet bleakness to banshee’s hysteria.
DK013 is released as a ltd.100 copies.
Artwork by the Rotorvator itself.“
Hand-numbered on back cover out of 100 copies.