Supreme Trading

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“Mike Shiflet is one agitator of the american experimental music scene, already member of Scenic Railroad and Noumena, collaborator of BXC and deus ex machina of Gameboy Records,…he has produced many tapes, cds and mp3.
The power of his compositions is to maintain a fresh DIY aesthetics exploring languages of contemporary avantgarde music (microtonality, atonality, reiteration, noise vs silence etc)
He sent us this incredible gift: “Supreme trading” is a superlative live performance recorded in brooklin last year, a piece where vibrating particles of sound collapsing and give form to a ethereal chords progression (that remind me the suggestive Angelo Badalamenti soundtrack for David Lynch movies).
3″cdr packaged in a Mini DVD case with a series of translucent inserts, artwork by Merlo. “