Dry Hip Rotation

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“Peter Hope, singer in “The Box”, Cabaret Voltaire collaborator, chanteur extraordinaire, has recorded an album full of the most unique and strange sounds with “The Jonathan S. Podmore Method”. This band consisted amongst others of Jono Podmore who nowadays records with Kumo and collaborates with Cans Irmin Schmidt; Alan Fisch of Hula and Workforce and Charlie Collins of The Box and Clock DVA. Also included in this re-issue is the entire “Kitchenette” 12″. If you ever liked bands like Cabaret Voltaire, Clock DVA, Hula, Chakk, this is the direction in which this album goes, but be warned: some of the sounds on here are much stranger than anything the aforementioned bands have ever recorded. Lots of non-musical sound sources are used on here, the style varies from Sheffield funk to Ambient and Vocal experiments, the lyrics are fantastic, the cover stunning. A must-have and a highlight in the Klanggalerie catalogue.”