Fifteen Point Nine Grams

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Burkhard Beins: selected percussion, objects
Lucio Capece: soprano saxophone, bass clarinet, preparations
Rhodri Davies: electric harp, electro acoustic devices
Toshimaru Nakamura: no-input mixing board

“SLW is a multinational group that can claim to include in its ranks some of the most respected voices in today’s improvisation community. The four musicians have worked together on occasions since their first meeting in October 2006 and presented their debut eponymous recording through formed records in early 2008.
Fifteen point nine grams picks up from where that album left off, introducing even greater dynamic tension to their ever-tranquil field of sound. Recorded live at the NPAI festival in 2007, this is living and breathing music where lines and phrases emerge from the mass of sound, only to be subsumed minutes later in the greater logic and presence of the group’s playing. Beyond boundaries and categories, play this one loud and often.”