Long, Lointain

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“Delicately-played instruments whose sounds, once sampled and digitally treated, seem to permeate our ears from a distant world both strange and strangely familiar. And yet, the resulting music is intimate as can be, full of untold and evocative imagery.

GoGooo is Gabriel Hernandez, born in 1979 in Grenoble, France. Gabriel started making music because he wanted to accompany his guitar-playing cousin. Untrained, he turned to the computer, and thus came to life their duo Simagrée. Other collaborations ensued with Alain Basso (Sol III) and Daisuke Miyatani (Miyagooo).
“Long, lointain” [Long, far] is GoGooo’s first professional full-length release, following a number of net releases, CDR EPs and compilation appearances. 2007 is a coming-out year for GoGooo, with additional releases on labels such as (1.8)sec Records (Canada), Magic Book (Japan), EKO (France) and his own netlabel Rain Music.
“Long, lointain” features 10 short pieces exerting a fleeting charm, populated with field recordings, found sounds and skeletons of melodies, all delicately arranged to titillate and soothe your ears. This music can be compared to electroacoustic folk for its instrumentation, but is actually unique in style.

Gabriel Hernandez is also a drawing artist, photographer and video artist, and most of these other facets of his art are represented in “Long, lointain”s packaging, including drawings decorating the digipack cover and four short videos.”