A Post Fordist Parade In The Strike Of Events

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For going beyond the laptop clichés, that is, as a first listen to A Post-Fordist Parade in the Strike of Events – (etre)’s debut album – clearly demonstrates: vocals, toys, and all kinds of guitars and percussion instruments unceremoniously blend in with field recordings and custom Max/MSP patches.

Under a glitch guise, (etre)’s music hides a resolutely personal approach combining melodicism, collage, lyricism, and a sharp sense of digital textures. Ekkehard Ehlers, Tim Hecker and Greg Davis come to mind, not because (etre) sounds like them, but because he sounds as unmistakably unique as them.

The 11 tracks on A Post-Fordist Parade in the Strike of Events form a loose suite of sorts, like the successive dreams of a restless night. The album also includes an extra track, “Search and Destroy White Calligraphy”, accompanied by a remarkable video signed Virgilio Villoresi and Giuseppe Chiesa.

(etre) is the project of Italian sound artist Salvatore Borrelli, who was first active in the fields of sound art installation and experimental performance art. A member of the collective iXem, he has worked with interior decorator Lin-Kuhn Liao and ceramist Fabrizio Quintelmo.