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Henrik Rylander and Leif Elggren invite you to a church service in an almost beautifully “evil” appearance. The whipping strings of the original are reminiscent of the basic musical track in Elggren’s CD on the theme “Is there a smell on the other side?”. Eerily drilling and relentless, short loops whirr through the room, a throbbing bass provides additional drama. They are joined by Rylander’s gritty electronics: sizzling lava chunks made of digital waste. In addition, there are 2 remixes of The Idealist and C.P.U., plus the CD in a nice cardboard bag.

Recorded in Masthuggskyrkan, Göteborg, Sweden, October 4, 2005 as part of Spire Live during Göteborg Art Sounds.
Limited edition of 500 hand numbered copies.

1. Gottesdienst 20:19
2. Gottesdienst (Buried Gods & Hidden Prayers) – Re-Work By The IDEALIST 10:29
3. Gottesdienst – Remixed By C.P.U. 11:32