Yasunao Tone

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Yasunao Tone is a multi-disciplinary artist born in Tokyo, Japan and working in New York City. An important figure in post-war Japanese art during the sixties, he was active in many facets of the Tokyo art scene. He was a central member of Group Ongaku and was associated with a number of other Japanese art groups such as Neo-Dada Organizers, Hi-Red Centre, and Team Random (the first computer art group organized in Japan). Tone was also a member of Fluxus and one of the founding members of its Japanese branch. Many of his works were performed at Fluxus festivals or distributed by George Maciunas’s Flux Press. Relocating to the United States in 1972, he has since gained a reputation as a musician, performer and writer working with the Merce Cunningham Dance Company, Senda Nengudi, Florian Hecker, and many others. Tone is also known as a pioneer of “Glitch” music due to his ground breaking modifications of compact discs and CD players.

1. Wounded Man’yo 2/2000 13:12
2. Wounded Man’yo #36-7 10:23
3. Wounded Soutai Man’yo 30:12