Dar-As-Sulh Vol.1

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“The name ‘Kymatik’ is derived from the Greek word ‘Kyma’, meaning ‘a great wave’, and was used by Swiss physicist Hans Jenny as a descriptive term for the effects he saw using amplified tones to manipulate/create patterns in fluids and powders. More recently Jenny’s research has led him to use these findings in a clinical environment for both therapy and healing. These ideas and the use of ambi sonic surround sound equipment are the underlying influences on this CD. On this CD there are both environmental recordings as well as compositions that make use of UHJ encoding to enable ambi sonic playback. Of the compositions; the musical styles range from the use of dense rhythmic patterns to subtle shimmering and a pure tone piece that sounds like nothing I’ve heard before. The short environmental recordings are spaced between the compositions and offer some light relief from the intensity of these works. One thing all the pieces have in common a strong psychoacoustic effect which can be further enhanced for those fortunate enough to have access to a UHJ decoder.”