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“It would be simplistic to describe Plurabelle as the melding of Jason Kahn’s acoustic percussion work (featured on Drums and Metals) and electronic sound art (featured on Analogues). But there is a bit of that. This solo CD was recorded in 2001. Kahn plays drums and metal objects fed to real-time processing software. His music remains rhythmic and repetitive, but the beats sound more evanescent and appear less frequently. In the first parts of the seven untitled tracks, the electronics occupy most of the room. White noise (but it is probably a brush gently rubbing the floor tom) and quiet metallic sounds (bowed cymbals, perhaps) are looped to create interesting but imperfect textures. Clicks that sound incidental are picked up by the software; some loops show their seams. With its soft bells, track two evokes old grandfather clocks (the added layer of surface noise enhancing the time-warp effect). Beginning with track four, bowing and brushing sounds leave room for some hitting. From there onward rhythmic structures become more prominent. Still, the music remains very soft-spoken, almost evasive, which would be fine, but it also lacks a bit of involvement. In short, it feels colder than Kahn’s previous albums and the abundance of clicks and glitches has a lot to do with it. Start with his other solo CDs or his albums with Toshimaru Nakamura (as Repeat).”