The Thing Like Us

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This CD is a realisation of the music written for the 2002 Veenstudio production SPINOZA: I am not where i think myself to be.
The music on the CD is in two parts, based respectively on the definitions of the emotions from the third part of Spinoza’s Ethics, and on a letter he wrote about free will. This piece was staged on location in the old ABN bank headquarters in The Hague and by De Singel in Antwerp.

The sound world is made up of voice, harpsichord, percussion, rwa wave based electronic sounds, and live sample manipulation of the singer and actors voices. Intricate polyphonic layers of voices are combined in a sound world predominately electronic, where the voices have an interactive affect on each other through live computer processing. This is a work that opens up new territory in music-theatre in the use of digital sound techniques to create sensual spaces that move from the very intimate to the large scale architectural.