Insula Dulcamara

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“The press release for Insula Dulcamara explains that the music has been created from field recordings treated over a two-year period. It’s good to know, since listening to the album discloses very little about the what, where, and how underpinning Paulo Raposo’s collaboration with Carlos Santos. Once you know it all derives from phonographies, elements rush to place themselves under the sonic microscope. The echoing emptiness of concrete structures, the mad rush of a highway, the sounds of wind and water can all be traced back to the hundreds of different sounds heard on Insula Dulcamara. Then again, electronic treatments allow listeners to transform most everything into most everything else, so maybe Raposo and Santos are playing with our ears, creating comfort zones where there should be none and turning highly familiar places into alien landscapes. Insula Dulcamara is an album of soft sound art. It is gentle on the ear and relatively easy to get into, yet it requires the listener’s full attention to stay in focus. Become distracted and it fades into the background and turns into an undifferentiated soundscape. Keep your listening eye on the music; scrutinize it and it reveals innumerable hues and shades, tells opaque stories, and leaves you with the impression of having lived an enriching peaceful moment. The music is never suggestive enough to be cinematic, which turns out to be the album’s biggest strength.”