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“Ernő Király was born on March 16th 1919 in Szabadka, Yugoslavia .His career as a composer began after the Second World War, in a region under Soviet domination hermetically sealed off from the ideas and experiences of Western Europe. Kiràly’s creative method has more in common with the American avant-garde (improvisation, instrument building, mixing composers and performers, multi-instrumentalism) than with dogmatically rigid European compositional practice.
He began studying the history of musical instruments and published a study on his favourite: the zither. He discovered both the euphoric purity and the raw sound world of folk music – at the time, this authentic strain of music was nearly eclipsed by composed songs and conventional gypsy music. Also in the fifties he became aware of electronic music, and, influenced by Pierre Schaeffer, starting experimenting with magnetic tapes. At the same time he began to imagine a possible synthesis of these two musical worlds – in «Etude II» he used tape to transform the sound of an orchestra of drums. He also became increasingly interested in improvisation.”