Thalia/Oizzo No

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“The music on this album represents Roger Doyle’s early works, re-packaged and re-mastered in 2002. It includes his extremely rare self-released 1975 debut LP “Oizzo No” and his second LP “Thalia” from 1978, originally released on CBS Classics. The earliest piece is Bitter-Sweet Suite for out-of-tune piano composed when he was 18, and the latest, Thalia, his first large-scale.

(from notes for the premiere of Thalia): ‘I never plan my compositions in advance – they take direction and shape only during the time I work on them. When this approach is successful a chain reaction occurs – possibilities branch out in many directions, all kinds of unforeseen connections appear (sometimes by chance) and my mind has to cope with a growing labyrinth which has been given its freedom. It guides me as I guide it’.”