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“Brutum Fulmen – Dream Eater (live at RRRecords)
Live duo performance on: feedback, scrap metal, dismantled cassette deck, and music box.
Recorded at the original Paige Street location of the RRRecords shop in Lowell, at a free Saturday matinee. As with all live shows, Ken Pfeifer became the second member of the Brutum Fulmen.
We had a few technical difficulties and we did a few things at different times than we’d planned, but somehow it all fell together and I consider this to be the best record of a live Brutum Fulmen show to date.
One of the technical “surprises” was toward the end: I accidentally touched an audio cable to the power cable feeding one of my effects boxes. This produced a sudden drop-out in the wall of feedback noise. But this turned out to create a nice crumbling, decaying effect. And I’ve made it a part of the piece in subsequent performances. Eventually we started calling this piece “Dream Eater”.
Howard Stelzer of Intransitive Records also recorded this show on video tape. We drove him from Boston to Lowell in the back of Ken’s jeep which was already crammed full of our equipment. Needless to say, he didn’t take us up on the offer to drive him back.

Dan Bodah – Live at RRRecords
Moaning (right channel) / crinkling plastic (left channel). Feedback.
A solo performance by Dan Bodah at the RRRecords shop, another Saturday matinee. In addition to the disturbed sounding performance from Dan, you can make out occassional chuckles from the peanut gallery, a cop car with sirens driving by outside. That is, until he switches from moaning and crinkling, to feedback for the last 2/3 of his performance.

Noumena – Live on WMJA, UMass
Guitar duo.
The sound ranges from fuzzed-out noise to drippy and trippy lo-fi improvisation.”