Plus Forty Seven Degrees 56′ 37″ Minus Sixteen Degrees 51′ 08″

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Title is derived from the coordinates of Fennesz’s backyard garden, the site of the open-air studio where these tracks were created. First deluxe edition of 1000 in landscape art format (oversized gatefold card sleeve with booklet and Touch insert). Title on the spine was written: +475637-165108

Recorded in his back garden using a PowerBook and a mixing desk, Fennesz’ second album “plus forty seven degrees 56′ 37″ minus sixteen degrees 51′ 08″” is an object lesson in just how far out there you can go with a little technology. Through layering, shaping and distorting sounds fennesz has created an intensely varied, often disjointed slice of outre electronica that encompasses mesmeric textures, harsh frequencies and churning sheets of noise. Recommended listening for anyone with an interest in the sonic manipulations of Oval, Pan Sonic or the Mego label, who released Fennesz’ “Hotel Paral.lel” debut. [Andrew Carden in MOJO]