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Dutch sound artist, composer and producer, active since 1983 (b. 1961 in Amsterdam). Banabila uses found objects, electronica, field recordings, and snippets from shortwave/tv/film recordings. His work has been published by Steamin’ Soundworks, Bureau B, Staalplaat, Pork Recordings, Tone Casualties, Challenge Records/JJ Tracks, Knekelhuis, Séance Centre and his own Tapu Records.

A thoroughly engaging, amusing and charming debut from new Pork signing Michael Banabila. Slightly more random than your usual Pork output, but still retaining the essential ingredients, Banabila strings together 20 soothing skunk funk oddities that delight and bemuse in equal portions. Tender beats, oddball samples, live instrumentation and vocal snippets weave together to make a warming abstract picture, one of those ones that looks good whichever way you hang it.