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“An album of reconstructions, featuring work by Evan Parker, Tactile, Jim O’Rourke, Simon Fisher Turner, Mechos, Lawrence Casserley, T:un[k] Systems. “AL JABR is based on the albums R&D (Ash # 2.9) and R&D2 (Ash # 9.2), electromagnetic noise recordings by Disinformation. For those not familiar with the Disinformation brand name, this project consists of DJing, publishing and live performance with recordings of unusual electromagnetic (ie radio) noise. On AL-JABR itself, rather than creating antiphonal responses to the original source material, the contributors ‘equate’ the raw material with their own idiosyncratic input; Lawrence Casserley transforms the rhythmic intricacies of how long data noise into a symphony of crushed and shattered slates; Evan Parker’s wailing saxophone complements the pulsating drones of the city’s power distribution networks. The noise group Tactile take ultralongwave sub-bass radio noise generated by the TIG welders in sculpture/sound group Oubliette’s metal workshop. Jim O’Rourke adds uniquely American humour and a rock ‘n’ roll analogue of National Grid. Simon Fisher Turner twists broadcast data noise into gorgeous rolling melodies. T:un[k] Systems pitches VLF band radio recordings of interference radiated by electrical storms against pristine lab pure sine waves. Mechos isolates individual lightning strikes and inserts them in a lattice of clicks and low frequency drones, whose deceptive simplicity belies the subtly disorienting effects of their unfolding, twisting rhythms.”

1. Evan Parker – London’s Overthrow 13:05
2. Tactile – Pandemonium 3:41
3. Jim O’Rourke – Booming Bass 2:35
4. Simon Fisher Turner – Parabolas 9:19
5. Mechos – Raxor 6:24
6. Lawrence Casserley – ‘K’h’mkߣ#ñπ 3:56
7. T:un[k] Systems – Synaptic Radio 14:23