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The selections are: Elodie Lauten’s beautiful “Variations on the Orange Cycle” (1991) based on a tuning derived from the earth’s daily cycle and its analogous frequency of the colour orange, the various movements or “phases” are respectively modal, chromatic. and polytonal treatments of the tuning; for Jerry Hunt’s hypnotic Trapani (stream) ‘a’ ” (1991), the pianist wears wrist bells that shake differently with the varying speeds of tremolo rotation needed to play the changing progression of widespread chords; and Kyle Gann’s evocative “Desert Sonata” (1994) with its two movements entitled “Wind” — with its complex, fiery isorhythms, rich Beethoven-esque harmonies and emotion-filled, lyric melodies — and “Night” based on the “Going Home” section of the Hopi Elk Dance.