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Japanese improv duo, formed in 1999. Their work is generally acoustic and frequently site specific, utilizing abandoned and ruined urban spaces.

Cello – Kuwayama Kiyoharu
Violin – Kijima Rina

“Once again, K-K have undertaken a trip to the Japanese underworld, recording their improvisations on cello and violin underneath a
highway at midnight. And judging by the sound of the passing cars, it’s been a good choice to do this at midnight; during the day the sound of the traffic would probably have drowned them out. Even at night it seems to be pretty busy over there. So, this CD presents four improvised pieces using a vocabulary that is very rich, from free jazz to contemporary composed music and everything in between. The passing cars have a very specific influence: they seem to be directing the duo in a strange way. In a sense this is only true, of course. K-K have been reacting on their environment without any doubt. At other moments, it seems just the other way around: as if cars are reacting on K-K’s music. This a fascinating record for everyone interested in contemporary music and music concrete.” (MR)