Kutra Bégulma – Unfinished Altar

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“ARS SUBTILIOR (14th century) and the NOISE: the two inspirations of Christophe Guiraud which are like two rivers which are woven in a writing of great power. The French young composer is the link between the most accomplished scholarly music and some radical aspects of noise. Born in Toulouse mid-seventies, he settles in Brussels – which becomes the crossroads of a continuous creation. Currently works and has been collaborating since several years with numerous European ensembles and musicians such as Ensemble Ictus, Phønix16, Tom Pauwels, Timo Kreuser, Ensemble 21, Sturm und Klang…

His most recent pieces intimately mix instrumental timbre and sound hybridization, cultivating a certain secrecy around this alchemy. Here more than everywhere else, Christophe Guiraud’s new compositions create a dialogue between the times, from the polyphony of Ars Nova to Spectralism, while integrating his noise heritage. Resolutely an-historical, the last pieces presented here unfold in a trembling stagnation.”

A1. #1 Kutra Bégulma – Mvnt I & II
A2. #2 Unfinishdew Orthothena – Mvnt III
B1. Pour Que Les Cœurs Mûrissent Cet Été
B2. #9 Kutra Bégulma – Song Talea I & II
C1. Infinished Altar (Jein, Pierrot, My Own Private Creatures)
C2. #9 Kutra Bégulma – Song Talea III
D1. Infinished Altar – For 5 Voices & Real-time Eectronics
D2. #2 Unfinishdew Orthothena (Rouleau De Cuivre III)