Rencontres Du 3ème Type

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20x26cm, 78 pages, full color, glossy paper cover with mirror sticker, perfect binding, edition of 500, December 2018.

“Sixth publication from Mondo Zero, « Rencontres Du 3ème Type » (English translation : Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind) as a reference to the classification system created by J. Allen Hynek in his book “The UFO Experience : A Scientific Study”. Contact has been established.”

Featuring works by:

Ben Marcus (USA)
Irkus M Zeberio (Spain)
Nicolas Barrome Forgues (France)
Freak City (France)
Graham Yarrington (USA)
Michael Olivo (USA)
Karnn Bhullar (UK)
T.N. Recsoverto (France)
Cristina Daura (Spain)
Maxime Galipienso (France)
Hospice (France)
Nicolas Oulès (France)
Jess Johnson (New-Zealand)
Rosa Arango (France/Colombia)
Mathieu Desjardins (France)
Davor Gromilović (Serbia)
Duch (France)
Dieter Von der Ougstraete (Belgium)
ILK (France)
Pablo Grand Mourcel (France)
Poch (France)
Joseph Harmon (USA)
Megi Xexo (France)
Josh Freydkis (USA)
Jesse Fillingham (USA)
Stefan Glerum (Netherlands)
Aloha Project (Italy)
Jules Le Barazer (France)
FUZI (France)
Jason Herr (USA)
Robin Renard (Belgium)
Thibaut Gleize (France)
Pol-Edouard (France)
Apollo Thomas (France)
2shy (France)
Lili Des Bellons (France)
Darin Shuler (USA)
Panayiotis Terzis (USA/Greece)
Jean Turner (France)
Jean-Michel Ouvry (France)
Matthew Carignan (USA)
Sylvain Havec (France)
Félix Kerjean (France)
Stathis Tsemberlidis (Greece)
Loïc Doussin (France)
Jul Quanouai (France)
Boris Pramatarov (Belgium/Bulgaria)