Noise In My Head. The Actionistic Music And Art Of Joke Lanz

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Paperback, 14x21cm, 160 pages, b&w illustrations + 16 colour, limited to 300 copies, ISBN 9788299876506.

Joke Lanz was born in Basel, Switzerland in 1965. In 1989 he created the noise music – performance, art – installation project Sudden Infant in connection with the Schimpfluch-Gruppe art collective. For more than 20 years Lanz has been one of the most prolific and profound artists working in the border zones between performance/body art and improvisation/noise. Noise In My Head documents Lanz’s myriad activities and features: photos from installations, performances and actions; visual works (drawings and paintings); poetry and manifestos; a visual discography, reproductions of concert posters and flyers; new essays by Rudolf, Leif Elggren, Daniel Menche, Steve Underwood, Mark Wharton, and Drew Daniel, as well as an in-depth interview with Joke Lanz himself. Noise In My Head is a portrait of a remarkable artist, but also offers insight into the noise music underground Lanz has been working with for over two decades.