Love 15

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Zine, A5, 44 pages, edition of 50, numbered and signed.

“Love / 15 is a zine dedicated to Tennis. I had hated it since childhood, because i was dragged on the courts all the time, escorting my talented brother on practices and tournaments. In one moment, my family even rented two tennis courts and tried to manage them. I was bored, i was lost there. It has been just an orange dusty hell.

This time i went on the court voluntary, seeing my brother practice and caught some moments on camera. I felt like i had returned back with a personality of my own, asserting my point of view.
Once in my studio i printed the photos and manipulated them on a copy machine, to find graphic effects that i liked. The images to me stopped being documentary and started being graphic images. The ground on the court stops being an orange hell, instead reminds me of a moon surface.

The colour is screen printed, then photos copied on top them. I chose colours that remind me of the sport.”