Local Sticker Book #2

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Local Stickerbook continues visual analysis of modern street culture with 19 Ukrainian artists and presenting their work in sticker kits format.
The Local Stickerbook focus its research in the field of “Ukrainian metamodern” in search of the synthesis of fresh visual ideas, the renewal of identity images, and the uncovering of little-known cultural codes of Ukrainian alternative art.
Local Stickerbook primary idea is to capture the creativity of informal artists that feature in the local art scene. The topics of their works are quite diverse and cover problems of the modern urban community such as integration with nature, excess visual waste, urban psychogeography, collective trauma, etc.
The main theme of the second issue is reconstruction. If modernism is manifested through construction and postmodernism speaks of deconstruction, then we as a society in order to restore hope. This is one of the key ideas of metamodernism that focuses on interpersonal dialogue, intra-type collaboration, and the generative paradox of “combination as an act of creation, not destructive anarchism.”
Curators: Yan Tashtoush, Alexandra Sakara, Katia Samogon.
Artists: Diana Fabiyan, Julia Sudarchikova, Vlad Kononok, Yana Nosova, Zhenia Stepanenko, Nazar Furyk, Fata Morgana, Katya Shevorykina, Badartist, Saha Kurmaz, Yarusya, Yegor Parker, Sasha Yurieva, Eva Reva, Pasha Open, Sestry Feldman, Ilya Skubak, Dima Tolkachov and Dasha Chechushkova.

Paperback, 20x23cm 39 full colour pages.

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