Kutlul #12

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“Paperback, stapled, 17x24cm, 64 pages.

KUTLUL number 12, the darkest issue so far. Born out of a decaying world. With comics from people scattered all over
the place. Good people. Happy people. This issue is chock-full with work by the following people:

Marcel Ruijters, Niels Kalk, Al Burian, Gus Moystad, Oleg Orsolya, Mykle Hansen, Lilli Loge Andy Leuenberger, Crippa Almqvist, Japio de la Hiti, Ewan Cameron, Peter Vianen, Ewan Cameron, Vera Bekema, Mat Pogo, Underwater Owl, Daniele Murtas, Christopher Sperandio, Markus Lesmeister, Mariana Rodriguez Acebal, Gus Moystad, Mykle Hansen and your loving editors Joost Halbertsma and Dirk Verschure.”