Jaune Ironie

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36 pages, 15x20cm, screenprinted book, 2 colours.
“This is #3 volume #3 of the Spectrôm collection [a series of collective works by EpOx and BoTOx] follows on the previous “Red Noise” (2017) and “Orange Errance” (2018)
36 new artists will respond to the theme of the same name -Yellow Irony – by producing a visual accompanied by one or two lines of text, like a caption.
Like an exquisite corpse, the images will be associated in the book according to these bits of phrase, in order to create a surreal story.”
Illustrators: Adeline Faye (FR) – Ammo (BE) – Andy Leuenberger (DE) – Anef (FR/CH) – Anne Mathurin (FR) – Anne van der Linden (FR) – Aude Carbone (FR) – Beton Cité (FR) – Chloé mathiez (FR) – Ciou (FR) – David Dusart (BE) – Elzo Durt (BE) – Freakcity (FR) – Gabriel Delmas (FR) – Gabriel Leroy (FR) – Guillaume Decock (FR) – Guyomsk (CH) – Karine Kadah (FR) – Katjastroph (FR) – Laura Schneider (FR) – Marine Perraudin (FR) – Martin Lopez (PE/ES) – Mat van Assche (BE) – Miroslav Weissmuller (FR) – Noemie Barsolle (FR/BE) – Oudin Ojjo (FR) – Renard Perplexe (FR) – Romig (FR/DE) – Sophie Laronde (FR) – Sylvain Bureau (BE) – The Pit (FR) – Thierry Toth (FR) – Vincent Wagnair (FR/BE) – Yves Hänggi (CH) – Zélie Doffémont (FR).