Stripburger #71

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May 2018, format A4-, 96 pages (20 full colour pages) + poster in colours (38 x 54 cm), offset printed locally in Slovenia.

COVER ::: ATAK (Germany)
EDITORIAL ::: Javier Triviño Murillo (Spain)
INTERVIEWS ::: ATAK (Germany), Izar Lunaček (Slovenia)
COMICS ::: Oriane Lassus, David Adrien, Émilie Gleason, L. L. De Mars (France), Javier Triviño Murillo, Gabri Molist (Spain), Alan Jennings, Peter Kuper (USA), Dunja Janković, Stipan Tadić (Croatia), Gašper Rus, Izar Lunaček (Slovenia), Alex Potts (United Kingdom), Evangelos Androutsopoulos (Finland), Vhrsti (Czech Republic), Bruno Borges (Portugal)
POSTER ::: Dunja Janković (Croatia), ATAK (Germany)
REVIEWS ::: Katja Štesl (Reinhard Kleist: Nick Cave & An Olympic Dream), Bojan Albahari (Desserts)
BACK COVER ::: Miha Perne (Slovenia)

“The 71st issue of the one and only Stripburger magazine brings forth new comics hubs with vibrant comics scenes, fresh new artists and well-known names, presenting thus a rich selection of diverse comics in B&W with a core in full colour. This wide international selection where the French are the most numerous of all, is enriched with some comics by rare but great domestic artists. As usual we’ve also included two sizable interviews: one with the domestic comics artist and initiator Izar Lunaček, while the other features the German artist ATAK, the creator of the colourful cover of the magazine. We’re also offering the customary reviews of domestic comics publications and of international comics treats and novelties and, inspired by the previous anniversary issue, another poster – this time in colours! Expect a lot and you’ll receive even more!

This years first issue of Stripburger will debut on Thursday 31st of May at the International Comic-Salon Erlangen in Germany. Our team will present our activities there with a stall at the comics fair and with a discussion on 26 years of continuous comics activity at home and abroad!

Stripburger: 26 years of being daring and dashing!”