Field Recordings

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A4 format, 28 pages, silkscreen cover, edition of 30 hand-signed & numbered copies, 2017.

Field recordings is a zine publication done in July 2017, while i was stationed in Berlin, on a residency by Slovenian ministry for culture.
My goal on the residency was to research art print and zine production in this city and to meet people and collectives that are active in that field and willing to collaborate.

i was lucky enough to have an option of silkscreen printing and riso printing, thanks to Czentrifuga and Palefroi.
the publication is now avaliable in some Berlin shops such as Staalplaat, Schikki Mikki and Neurotitan.

Field recordings is a series of zines.
it is created in a specific place and time frame and it has an elemet of randomness. the zine is made without a conscious edit of the material. i try to stay away from editing it into an artifficial narrative.
The zine is made outside my usual place of work – “in the field”, using material i gather in the specific timeframe. it has found images, made images or images i get from different people. this means that in the given timefrime i