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17x25cm, 240 pages, b/w, in Finnish (with English translations), hardcover, 2016.

Hanneriina Moisseinen’s (b.1978) comic book Kannas depicts an exceptional period from exceptional perspectives. Set on the Karelian Isthmus in the summer of 1944, the work is partly based on archival sources and combines wartime archival photographs with the comic’s visual narrative. The central themes of the work include the experience of a man who failed as a soldier during war, as well as a topic avoided in war literature to this day, the psychological problems of soldiers and the related desertion from the front. Instead of the themes typical of war comics, popular culture imagery and official historiography, i.e. fighting, heroism, manly perseverance and suffering, Moisseinen examines the mutual care and survival of humans and animals at the feet of war.