Stripburger #67

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COVER::: Blexbolex (France/Germany)
EDITORIAL ::: Martin Ernstsen (Norway)
INTERVIEWS ::: Nina Bunjevac (Serbia/Canada), Marijan Pušavec (Slovenia)
COMICS ::: Bruno Borges (Portugal), Nina Bunjevac (Serbia/Canada), Marek Rubec (Czech Republic), Javier Triviño Murillo (Spain/Germany), Martin Ernstsen (Norway), Petra Lilla Marjai (Hungary), Jorge Quien (Chile/Argentina), Javier Lozano (Spain), Ana Braga (Portugal), Vinko Barić (Croatia), Matej Kocjan – Koco (Slovenia), Leon Zuodar – Lele (Slovenia), Thijs Desmet (Belgium)

“The new issue of Stripburger, adorned by a better-than-bacon illustration by Blexbolex, kickstarts with an editorial by Martin Ernstsen, a Norwegian comics artist, who deliberates on how to catch the fleeting moments and realities, how to save them from transience and why to choose comics form as a medium. Well, why indeed? Because comics are a medium of an especially wide and high range with only a few limitations, where “one can can travel throughout the universe, from a black hole to an atom, see life through the eyes of an insect or experience the life of another human being”. It’s a medium for story-telling, for world-experiencing, for life-understanding and “all this can be done with almost no budget and virtually no compromise”. Now you know.

Again, as always, you’re kindly invited to discover the eclectic selection of comics masterpieces, various drawing styles, motifs and narrative approaches in this international ensemble of both established and up-and-coming comics artists that offer fresh comics-reading experiences. Indulge yourself!
We were recently visited by Nina Bunjevac, an acclaimed Serbian-Canadian comics artist, so we took the opportunity to present and discuss her work in the interview. The other victim of our regular interrogations was Marijan Pušavec, an excellent Slovenian comics writer. Together with Jakob Klemenčič, a seasoned comics veteran, they created a comics biography of the (not so) famous and (under)appreciated Slovenian traveler and novelist Alma M. Karlin. Read all about it!”