Forest Beekeeper And The Treasure Of Pushcha

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17x24cm Hardcover 116 pages Colour

Recommended Age: 6+

“Ignat will not rest until the slightest chance remains to save the forest and preserve the thousand-year-old tradition. It is his pushcha.

In the depths of pushcha, an ancient woodland, Ignat the beekeeper tends bees in beehives up in the trees, just as his father, grandfather, and their forefathers did. People say that Ignat gets everything he needs from the forest, that he knows every backwood and passage in the pushcha, that he talks with animals and trees… Even though Ignat lives in a world outside time, does not know and wishes not to know what year it is, the course of history does not slow down. The peaceful life according to old lore is abruptly interrupted. Pushcha falls into the hands of new owners who see the forest only as a source of income from selling thousands of pine and oak trees.”