Mss Meesterd #11

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Paperback, 20x28cm edition of 150.

“The 11th issue in a series of monthly magazines collecting activities and changes in general, this issue was published in conjunction with the group exhibition “I want your name and my name on a flyer” by Sygtryggur Berg Sigmarsson, Vaast Colson, Peter Fengler, Kim Gordon, Dennis Tyfus and Joris van de Moortel at Tatjana Pieters gallery in Ghent, Belgium (24.2 – 07.04.2013) though it would have been published otherwise as well. This issue contains 20 photo collages Dennis Tyfus created on a daily basis, the collages in this issue were not on show in the exhibition. Limited to 150 copies, mono colour off set printed at de Wrikker.”