Viimeinen Toivon Kirja

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2013 / 52 pages in full colour, glued / 210 x 148 mm / 8.27″ x 5.83″/ Edition of 600

“This is the last part in The Books of Hope series. The long graphic novel that consists of five individual books tells a story of a retired couple and their life on countryside of Middle-Finland. This is a praise on simple life, its joys and sorrows, treated with a gently touch of humour.

What kind of a comic would this be if the main character would draw it? What did the couple do earlier in their life? What’d be their hippie-look? Who’s the one to take the last waltz?

The Last Book of Hope is a fragmentary comic scrapbook on earlier life of the couple. Winter has come and taken away the autumn depression. It’s time to step to the wonders of rest of your life…

Viimeinen Toivon kirja is a Finnish edition that does not include English translation. The Books of Hope are being published also in French and English. This fifth book will be out in French early 2014 (La 5e Couche) while in English the three first has been published (Bries).”