Holy Mountain

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4 colour Risograph zine, 19×13 cm, 12 pages, edition of 150.

“Moving dots, speaking about dots with Knuckles & Notch and Maia Matches
Moving dots, speaking about dots is a project that forms an exchange between two experienced workshops specialized in Riso (stencil printing); Knust, and a corresponding workshop from Asia. In Asia, there is increasing interest in the stencil printing technique. New workshops here investigate the possibilities, applications, and mysteries in the Riso printing technique in their own way. With this project, we want to show the workflow, vision, interests, and thoughts about this technique of the invited studios.

Last December we invited Knuckles & Notch to take part in Moving dots, speaking about dots. Knuckles & Notch has existed as a collective under this name since 2014 and actively collaborates with makers from diverse backgrounds to push the boundaries of printmaking in Singapore. In an experimental and virtual edition form, they partly took over Knust’s workshop. With a Riso duplicator in the center of the room, Knuckles & Notch’s instructions were reflected in a growing stencil print session.

Following up the first part of the project they have been collaborating remotely with Canadian-Dutch illustrator and former Amsterdam city artist Maia Matches. They have been sharing stories and interests; this exchange suggested Knuckles & Notch studio to experiment with the comic format introducing Summer, a cat with a zest for life who is met with a deeply unsettling question about the world and her existence after the death of her pet goldfish. While Maia was able to tailor a story on her main character Bitch, her alter-ego who is always ready to make justice by her own means.

The result of this collaboration is a zine printed at Knust. Will these two characters find a solution to restoring the natural state of the world and to reverse environmental and ethical destruction? Purchase this limited edition zine to find out!”